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About MyHealthCares

In our fast-moving lives we sometimes forget to take good care of our health. We postpone an appointment to see the general practitioner in person because we have little time. But also talking about certain complaints is sometimes difficult. MyHealthCares is an online Healthcare Centre that can help you with this! We provide complete online treatments, focused on lifestyle-related and mildly chronic conditions, in a transparent and safe way. A visit to the GP or physical pharmacy is simply no longer necessary. MyHealthCares stands for and ensures discretion, honest information and reliable treatments. With this, MyHealthCares makes reliable healthcare easily accessible to everyone!

Online Healthcare Centre

As with a physical Healthcare Centre, you will find all kinds of information that focuses on lifestyle-related and mildly chronic conditions on the MyHealthCares platform. Do you want to quit smoking? Or lose a few pounds to feel more comfortable? Or do you want to know which treatments are possible for chronic conditions such as eczema and asthma? MyHealthCares can get you in touch with regulated and certified doctors who can help you choose a safe and responsible treatment.  

Request a treatment

Register in our online Healthcare Centre and submit an application for the desired treatment. Your health is our priority and we take it very seriously. That's why we first ask you to complete a simple medical questionnaire online. The doctor of your preference assesses whether it is justified to approve the requested treatment on the basis of your medical condition. If there are additional questions, the doctor will contact you directly.

Easy process

Has the treatment request been approved by the doctor? Then at your explicit request MyHealthCares forwards the prescription to the pharmacy of your preference. This registered and regulated pharmacy sends the treatment to the (delivery) address provided by you. A standard delivery takes 3 to 5 business days. If you opt for an Express shipment, you will receive the treatment within 24 hours after approval from the doctor (weekend excluded).

Of course, the medicines are sent in a safe, unmarked package to ensure discretion.


To make it as easy as possible for you, MyHealthCares facilitates the entire process. You pay a total amount in advance. This total amount includes the costs for the online consultation, the treatment and the service costs for the use of the MyHealthCares platform. We then arrange the further payment to the doctor and pharmacy at your explicit request.

Everything you need

Do you still have questions about something? Are you looking for a treatment or do you just want some extra information about the process? Carrie, the online health assistant of MyHealthCares, will be happy to help you. Direct contact with MyHealthCares is also possible through our Customer Service Centre.

MyHealthCares, easy and reliable treatments!

Keep in mind that our customer service agents are not authorised to answer medical questions.