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Avamys is a nasal spray that can be taken for hay fever and other allergies, inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane and nasal polyps. Its active ingredient is fluticasone, a corticosteroid and anti-inflammatory similar to the hormones produced by human adrenal glands. This product is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline BV.

Medically reviewed by G.L. Merkens on December 17, 2018

Nasal spray
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    What is Avamys used for?

    Avamys nasal spray is prescribed by doctors to reduce inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane.

    A common cause of inflammation of this membrane is an allergic reaction to airborne substances such as pollen (hay fever), pet dander and dust mites.

    Avamys can also be used for nasal polyps and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses resulting from non-allergic causes.

    How Avamys works

    Avamys contains the active ingredient fluticasone, a hormone which is also produced by the body’s adrenal glands. These adrenal cortex hormones are also called corticoids or corticosteroids.

    Fluticasone is an anti-inflammatory agent. Avamys nasal spray specifically inhibits inflammation of the lining of the nose and sinuses. This reduces swelling and makes breathing easier.

    In addition, when using Avamys the nasal mucous membrane secretes less mucus and is thus less likely to be stimulated by airborne substances. This can reduce sneezing.

    How should this medication be used?

    Squirt Avamys nasal spray into both nostrils 1 to 2 times a day, as prescribed by your doctor. Sniff the spray during each application, keeping the other nostril closed. After spraying, thoroughly rinse the top under the tap before replacing the cap.

    It may take a few days to a week for Avamys to take effect, and after 3-4 weeks the effect will be stronger.

    Is a prescription required?

    Avamys is only available on prescription from a doctor, who may choose to prescribe a generic (unbranded) variant of fluticasone.

    Buying Avamys online without a prescription from your doctor is not recommended. Often such nasal sprays do not contain active ingredients.

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