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Priligy is a medication for premature ejaculation. Doctors prescribe Priligy when a man ejaculates faster than desired. This medication then ensures that it will take between half a minute and a few minutes longer for that ejaculation to occur. The active ingredient in Priligy is Dapoxetine.

Medically reviewed by A.H. Kevenaar on December 17, 2018

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    What is Priligy and what is it used for?

    Priligy is a medication used to prevent premature ejaculation. Priligy capsules are manufactured by Menarini Benelux S.A., and the active ingredient in Priligy is Dapoxetine.

    This medication is what is known as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (sometimes also described as a 'selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor', or abbreviated as SSRI).

    How does Priligy work?

    Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder where the man is ready to ejaculate early, and faster than he or his partner would want.

    Priligy is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor; so using Priligy increases the amount of serotonin available in the brain. Serotonin affects mood and emotions, especially when used over a long period.

    However, if the medication is only used occasionally when taken for sexual contact, its active ingredient (Dapoxetine) will extend the time it takes to ejaculate. An ejaculation is usually delayed by between half a minute and a few minutes.

    How is this medicine used?

    For an optimal duration of the Priligy effect, a capsule should be taken one to three hours before sexual contact with half a glass of water.

    Dapoxetine is best used occasionally, and not every day – which may otherwise reduce its effect. Always discuss this with your (family) doctor.

    Is a prescription necessary?

    A doctor's prescription is always required for the use of Priligy. Of course, the Priligy price will depend on the dose: Priligy 60 mg is more expensive than Priligy 30 mg.

    Do not use websites which claim it’s possible to buy Priligy without a prescription. Any website where one can purchase Priligy at a particularly low price will also be unreliable, and will usually supply fake medication.

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