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Ventolin is a bronchodilator. This medication contains the active ingredient salbutamol, which can dilate constricted airways for several hours. Ventolin can be taken by inhaler. It is usually prescribed for those with short-term complaints due to respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD.

Medically reviewed by Prof. Dr. O. Patho on December 17, 2018

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    What is Ventolin and what is it for?

    Ventolin contains the active ingredient salbutamol, and is a fast-acting bronchodilator. It can provide relief for chest tightness and is taken with the help of an inhaler.

    Constricted airways caused by asthma or COPD, for example, can be relaxed with this medication.

    How does Ventolin work?

    People with certain forms of asthma or COPD often suffer from anxiety. This is caused by hypersensitivity or damage to the airways, which then contract too much or are permanently constricted, making breathing more difficult. These problems are due to hypersensitivity to certain stimuli and excessive mucus formation.

    Ventolin inhalation can dilate the airways in around five minutes and make breathing easier. However, Ventolin won’t cure any hypersensitivity to stimuli.

    Its effect lasts around four to six hours.

    How is Ventolin used?

    Ventolin is taken via an inhaler, and because this medication is inhaled, it reaches the airways quickly. Using an inhaler requires practice, and your doctor or pharmacist can give you instructions.

    Is a doctor’s prescription required?

    Ventolin is only available on prescription. It’s possible to purchase Ventolin online, but not without a doctor’s prescription.

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