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A slimming aid can help you to lose more weight when a healthy diet and regular exercise alone do not lead to the desired result. Xenical, with its active ingredient Orlistat, inhibits the absorption of the fats in your diet. For people who may be obese or seriously overweight, Xenical can help to lose up to ten per cent more weight.

Medically reviewed by Prof. Dr. O. Patho on December 17, 2018

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    What is Xenical used for?

    Xenical is a slimming aid which can be used to lose extra weight. The medication is prescribed by doctors to help people who may be obese or seriously overweight, and who are already on a low-calorie diet with regular exercise, to lose more weight. Used together, these three elements can increase your chances of achieving successful weight loss.

    Doctors only prescribe Xenical for people with a BMI (body mass index) above 28 kg/m2.

    These capsules are produced by Roche and Xenical 120 mg is the only dosage available.

    How does Xenical help you lose extra weight?

    Xenical inhibits the absorption of fats from your diet, but without reducing your appetite. This medication is active within the intestines, and because more fats remain in the intestines and are thus excreted with faeces, the body will therefore absorb fewer calories.

    Using this method of calorie reduction, Xenical helps to make it easier to lose weight.

    Doctors recommend only those people who are already on a healthy diet with few calories and taking regular physical exercise should purchase Xenical. This will increase the chance of permanent weight loss.

    How should Xenical be taken?

    Take a Xenical capsule with a glass of water just before, during, or shortly after a meal. Do not use Xenical more than three times a day. If your meal does not contain fat, it is not necessary to use Xenical.

    This product inhibits the absorption of fats from your diet.

    Is a prescription always necessary?

    Xenical is only available on prescription from a doctor. It is therefore not possible to buy Xenical without a prescription.

    There are websites which claim to offer Xenical prescription-free, but this is mostly fake medication. The capsules purchased via such websites usually contain no active ingredient (Orlistat) and can be dangerous.

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