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Easy and reliable
online treatments.

MyHealthCares is the new online Healthcare Centre. We provide reliable, secure and accessible healthcare for lifestyle and mild chronic conditions.

Treatments Conditions
  • 24h delivery
  • Discreet and secure
  • EMC and GMC registered and certified doctors

How MyHealthCares works?

  1. Search and request your medicine
    If needed Carrie our online health assistent can help you
  2. Fill in the medical questionnaire
    An EMC or GMC doctor will review your request
  3. 24h delivery to your door
    After the doctor has approved your request

MyHealthCares helps
clients improve their health by...

  • Creating an extremely user friendly platform that helps you in an efficient and discreet way requesting your medical treatment online.
  • Working with registered and certified doctors so you can arrange your treatment request safely and reliably.
  • Fast delivery so you can receive your treatment within 24hrs after doctor´s approval easily and discreetly.
  • A helpful Customer Service standing by to answer all your (non medical) questions.

We believe in secure, easy and reliable online healthcare.

In our fast-moving lives we sometimes forget to take good care of our health. We postpone an appointment to see the general practitioner in person because we have little time. But also talking about certain complaints is sometimes difficult. MyHealthCares is an online Healthcare Centre that can help you with this! We provide complete online treatments, focused on lifestyle-related and mildly chronic conditions, in a transparent and safe way.

A visit to the GP or physical pharmacy is simply no longer necessary. MyHealthCares stands for and ensures discretion, honest information and reliable treatments. With this, MyHealthCares makes reliable healthcare easily accessible to everyone!


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